Who Can Join?

Credit Union Membership

When you join 1st University Credit Union, you become more than a member; you are a Partner! We are a not-for-profit cooperative that exists to serve our members and their families. As a member, you actually own a "share" in the credit union and can vote for the volunteer Board of Directors that oversees our operations.

When You Belong to a Credit Union, It Belongs to You!

1st University Credit Union is a full service financial institution, offering numerous savings plans and a variety of loan products, usually with lower loan rates and fees, higher savings rates, and personalized, caring and professional service.

Field of Membership

An association with Baylor University provides you with the opportunity to become a member of 1st University Credit Union. Membership allows you and your family to take advantage of the many services 1st University offers. Associations listed below are eligible to join 1st University Credit Union.

Baylor University Students
Baylor University Employees
Baylor Alumni
Baylor University AFROTC
Aramark Employees
Anyone working or residing on Baylor owned property
Any relative of a current 1st University Credit Union member
Any person living, working, or volunteering within the geographic field of membership

How to Join

You can become a member of 1st University Credit Union, by opening and depositing $20.00 or more into a share savings account. $10.00 is a one-time membership fee, and $10.00 is the minimum balance that you must maintain in your account while it is open. Once your share account is open, you will be eligible for all other credit union services.

Once A Member...Always a Member

At a credit union once you have opened your account and become a member you are always a member, even when you graduate, change jobs, change schools, move away, or retire.

Family Membership

Once you become a member of the credit union, members of your family are also eligible for membership. This includes spouse, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.


If you would like to learn more about how to become a member give us a call or come into our branch.