Statement of Commitment

At 1st University Credit Union, we never forget that our members are the reason for our existence. That is why we are committed to offering our members the best value in financial services, including a broad array of very affordable products and services to meet the diverse individual needs of our members. We are committed to providing caring, professional service to our members, and to giving all of our members the individual attention and respect they deserve. We are also committed to serving our community, through active participation in community service activities, and by seeking new, creative ways to serve the needs of the unserved and under-served segments of our community.

We are committed to communication with our members, future members, and the Waco community, as well as legislators and regulators, to ensure that they are aware of the services we offer, and that they may fully understand and appreciate the unique role that locally-based, member-owned financial cooperatives like 1st University Credit Union can play in their lives.

We are committed to creating programs that will empower our members to become financially self-sufficient and successful, with special emphasis on educating our members to save and spend wisely.

We are committed to our mission to provide safe and convenient financial services in an economically sound manner to all of our members, and will use sound business practices to ensure that our credit union will remain financially strong, for the good of our members.

Section I: Service to Members

1st University Credit Union works to offer financial services that will improve the economic well-being of all of our members and potential members, including low-income and moderate-income members. We offer a broad range of services, from a basic share account with a minimum balance as low as $10.00, to high-yield investments to meet the individual needs of our members.

Conventional Services:

Savings, checking, certificate of deposits, money markets, ATM cards, Debit cards, travelers checks, money orders, seasonal amusement tickets, local movie tickets, payroll deposits, and wire transfer services.

Lending Services:

Personal loans, first and second mortgage loans, home equity loans, auto loans, student loans, and computer loans to name a few.

Personalized Services:

Assistance with account reconciling, Internet Banking, automated phone account information, lending counseling, savings counseling, and personalized service to all of our members.

Section II: Member Education

As a community-based, member-owned institution, 1st University Credit Union is committed to educating our members and potential members to enhance their financial well being. For this purpose, we offer the following:

Our Website offers useful links to auto price guides, financial calculators, mortgage information, investment guides, and other links that will be useful to our members.

Section III: Involvement/Governance

To best serve all of our members, 1st University Credit Union is committed to upholding democratic credit union principles, and encouraging volunteer participation in credit union activities. Our credit union is administered by a Board of Directors, which is selected and managed as follows:

Board Elections are held in conjunction with the annual membership meeting. The Board is elected by vote of the members.

Board Nominations are made by a nominating committee, which seeks active member participation on the Board by inviting members, through member publications, to submit nominations and resumes for the committee to consider.

Board Vacancies are filled on an interim basis by a vote of the remaining Board members. The interim Board member will serve until the next annual membership meeting, when the vacant Board seat is filled for the remainder of the unexpired term of the vacating Board member by vote of the credit union membership.

The Annual Membership Meeting is generally held early on a weekday evening, to facilitate the greatest possible membership participation in the democratic governance of the credit union. Members are kept informed of the time and date of the annual meeting through membership publications, and also through posters and fliers in the credit union lobby. Immediately following the business meeting, a "social hour" is held, during which informal discussions between members and staff are encouraged.

Attendance Standards for Board meetings have been established by 1st University Credit Union, to ensure the best possible representation of the members by the Board.  Failure by a Board member to attend meetings regularly will create a vacancy on the Board, which must be filled by the Board by the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Section IV: Diversity

1st University Credit Union recognizes that its members are diverse, and works to represent all of its members better by seeking to reflect this diversity in the leadership, staff, and volunteers of the credit union.

Membership diversity data is compiled using information-gathering systems with demographic data on our credit union community. This helps us to develop new services and products to meet the needs of our ever-changing membership.

Board Representation - Because our Board is elected by credit union members, it includes members who are representative of the diversity of our membership.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, and seek out management, staff, and volunteers who reflect the diversity of our membership.

Section V: Commitment to Credit Union Principles

1st University Credit Union is committed to building and strengthening our credit union, and the community of credit unions, by working in tandem with other credit unions and credit union organizations to advocate the unique role of credit unions at all levels of government, and in appropriate public forums.

Political Action - Our Board and staff make voluntary contributions to state and federal PACs which lobby on behalf of credit unions.

Leadership - We encourage our staff to take an active role in league, chapter, and other leadership networks.

Cooperative Advertising - We work to advance the professional image of credit unions in the community by supporting the Chapter's Image Campaigns with financial and creative assistance.


If you would like to learn more about how to become a member give us a call or come into our branch.